Nordic walking with Simona

 Movement is life, life is movement. The basic human movement is walking. The right walking with special poles – that´s nordic walking. Nordic walking in Harrachov and its surroundings.

Nordic walking with Simona

Simona Dolejší is looking forward to meeting you

Nový Svět (New World) 46
Sachrův kopec (Sacher Hill)
CZ 512 46 Harrachov
Telefon: +420 481 529 525
Mobile: +420 724 220 893

  • ° we´re here for you, because of successful weekend and weekly actions of nordic walking we are opening the second season in this year

    • we offer trips with nordic walking for all age groups, especially for seniors and no sport practising public with individual approach in according to the current state of health and fitness
    • the level of each trip is selected in according to the needs and the physical condition of participants


    ° there are a lot of trails suitable for practising these activities in Harrachov area
    ° we organise 4-6 trips in week stay for request
    ° free we can help you to get familiar with the right technique of walking and we can advise       you on the needed equipment for nordic walking
    ° you can borrow the poles for nordic walking in case you cannot use your own ones
    ° you pay 800 CZK a day for 4 persons or less, each additional person + CZK 100,-;
    the price does not include the cost of lift and transport to get the starting point of the trip
    ° in our pension we offer the favorable prices of accommodation with the nordic walking actions

    Moreover – in pension Simona we offer to residents participants in nordic walking:

    • roasting on the fire
    • getting information about Harrachov and its surroundings, about skiing etc.
    • breakfast prepared on request
    • performance of some exercises for relaxation of back muscles

    Nordic walking or what you should know about nordic walking before you start doing it

    ° What the nordic walking is

    The basic human movement is walking. Nordic walking is right practised walking. Nordic walking is solution for everybody without limits. It is dynamic walking with special poles.

    °  What you need for nordic walking

    For walking we need suitable shoes and clothes depending on terrain and weather we move.
    For nordic walking, in addition, we need the special poles. This is the basic equipement for the beginners. If you are interested in this activity and if you take it regularly, then of course you can choose from a wide range of companies specialized on nordic walking, like poles, special shoes, clothing and various accessories for different terrains and weather diversity. The are the same rules for nordic walking as for outdoor activities – there is no bad weather,  we just get dressed inaccurately.

    ° And what nordic walking will bring into your life

    • active movement and relaxation not only physical but also mental
    • return to a healthy life style
    • disease prevention (cardiovascular disease, joint disease, regulation of obesity, diabetes prevention – regulation of blood sugar values, positive effect on HDL cholesterol, reducing stress, help to stop the progress of osteoporosis, especially among women)
    • walking with poles improves physical fitness – aerobic capacity, mascular endurance, when walking uphill it increases muscle strength. It helps loosen the neck, shoulders and hips and in this way it eliminates pain in these areas, because 90 % of muscles are ivolved into the movement compared with normal walk
    • oxygenates and perfuses the brain, and moreover it has a positive effect on mental state
    • weigt loss – maintaining an adequate weight is a balancing between caloric intake and physical activity, practising nordic walking there is a higher energy output than in another sports (like volleyball, swimming), there is a higher caloric consumption than during classical walk (about 25-35% more). That is because of more muscles  involved into movement in nordic walking then in normal walking.
    • In anyway – you´ll feel better!
    • And why?

    Right walking and with right poles we straighten up –  breathe properly – muscle tension is released – pain in the joints is eliminated – we get the right step – we get futher with less effort and more pleasure – brain is oxygenated – good mood and well being will come.

    ° Who can practise nordic walking and when to begin

    Nordic walking is one of the most useful physical activities for all ages, it is a natural human movement. As we can practise nordic walking in various terrains according to the physical fitness of participants, it is also suitable for seniors and people recovering after a serious illness or injury. And the advantage of this actvity lies in the fact that the demands of nordic walking can be adapted to the current health state, age and condition of the participants and so maximize the positive effects of nordic walking on everybody. Nordic walking can be practised with a different level of technique (or intensity of walking) according to your immediate condition, age and health state:

                                      ° medical technique (vacation)
    ° fitness technique (active)
    ° efficient technique (racing)
    Really, everybody can start with nordic walking.We recommend you to take lessons with instructor of right and effective techniques of nordic walking in different levels of intensity.

    ° And where to get more information about nordic walking

    ° We´ll be glad to answer your questions about nordic walking on the above-mentioned contact addresses

    • Nordic walking web site